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The Journal of the Puppet Who Became a Real Live Girl!

(also known as)Move Over Lazlo Panaflex!

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I am an artist/writer/singer/actor/director/musician and the zaniest Christian you will ever meet.
I like my veggies steamed,my man in makeup, my art supplies unlimited, my God very large, my hair crazy, my family laughing, my friends to giggle like the Pillsbury doughboy when I poke em, my music either synth-laden or original, my clothes doll-like and new romantic, my cheeks rosy, and my pillow on my bed to be as soft as a newly steamed chinese dumpling!

****NOTE: I am on ebay under the username Natamonworld. I do not always mention my new works here, so be sure and check weekly on ebay to see what's new.
In addition, I am on Deviantart, updating often. See you there!

My Deviant Art Page and Gallery


I also make toys,figurines, paintings and drawings!

To go to my art journal, go here: creatornat
To visit my website, go here: CreatorNat

To Visit My Big Ebay Store:

To Visit My Etsy Store:(which has special goodies not available in my ebay store!)

And my jewelry creations! go here....
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