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IMPORTANT Info Regarding My Ebay Art Store....

Oct. 30th, 2007 | 06:59 pm

HI all!
I recently ran into some troubled waters with Ebay, and sent a mass email(below) out to all the patrons of my art, as well as those who are repeat customers. My ebay store will be closed and removed, and replaced under the new name of Natamonworld. Details for this change are under the cut:

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Thanks very much to all of you who are being patient at this time. I promise my work will continue to be available to the public!

How To Not Shop For A Costume 101

Sep. 27th, 2007 | 01:21 am

Greetings all,
And that October time is nearly upon us once again. Where stores are filled to the brim with extra black died plastic, and the smell of it is enough to choke you, if the candy smell doesn't first!
Every year, the throngs come-a-calling, browsing for freshing packaged costumes housed in poorly ventalated stores, rented soley until the month is over. Chants of,'Mommy look! Spiderman!', and, 'I think he'd lovvve this one on me!', can be heard amdist giggles and cell phone calls to find out which plastic cave man club is still in stock.

And within it all, there are some important shopping tips that the general population should be aware of, when striving for that perfect, humorous costume. The follow should be posted in every store!(especially for those trying to find a Halloween Party Date!)

Lame'Humorous' Costumes One Should Avoid
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A Computer Says I Look Like Garbo!

Sep. 14th, 2007 | 04:12 am
mood: pleased pleased

That is the most important one for me really. This was fun!

Ugh..I feel so Dirty!

Aug. 10th, 2007 | 02:02 pm

...And now that I've got your attention...

For some strange reason, I was reminded of a song the musician Prince created for the first Tim Burton Batman film called,'The BatDance'. I remember it being super popular, and I was curious, after such a long,long time, what it would sound like again to me.
Now, it is to be noted, I am not so much a Prince fan really. I find him usually quite ludicrous, overly-sexualizing(and I am not mentioning his andro side, that is tollerable) and every once in a blue moon, a good producer/musician. That said, I shall proceed...
So, my curiosity gets the best of me, and I download this silly mp3, and give it a relisten.
Ah the Batman 89 movie whirlwind...I remember everyone and their kid sister wanting a batman tshirt. I really wanted a standard black one with the simply symbol in the middle, but they were either sold out or too pricy. I finally settled for a sort of acid-washed black/tan shirt with a large rounded version in the center. It was not like the others people saw out there, but I still wanted the standard one at the time.
I still think the movie is good, and Burton was just starting to make some goodies for those craving well crafted gothy-edged themes...but onto the ick...
Back in the day, when the Batdance debuted on MTV, it was huge. It was a long song-especially for air play. Then there was the truly rediculous video, with Prince painted up half Batman and half Joker. There was a truly silly 'division' this character he was playing was dealing with, where he was dancing with a set of dancers dressed as 'batmen', and on the other side,'jokers'. I dig theatrical makeup alot, so I will let the appearance pass, but the choreography was scary and super goofy.

The synth and electronic drum hits were not bad-decent even. But then the very cheesy choruses of 'Batmannnn' would come in and ruin most parts of it. He was sampling the film as well, which at the time, was new and interesting and different for most pop songs, laid out in this way. Again, not common in your typical air play.
It changed tempos over and over, making it hard for someone to dance to probably in a club(I was too young to even go there at the time), which was equally unique.
And yet! It was still so silly in the end. That's Prince's biggest weakness-over production to death. Without the video, it may have been less silly, but at least some silly. The choruses are the worst though, leaving me feeling like I walked through a tacky, glittery trashbin from 1989. It was certainly cheesy enough to fit into one of the worst eras in pop music, 86, on through the nineties! That time frame gave me a case of the weirds.

Here's what another person said regarding the video:
What few realized, though, is that Burton purposely cast the role with a controversial actor, so as to draw attention away from the tie-in Batdance video, in which Prince expresses the struggle of Batman and the Joker with the most homosexual interpretive dance allowed at the time.
Those of you who don't remember this video are among the truly blessed; those of you who do remember it most likely share the trauma I have of sitting bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night, shrieking, while visions of a hermaphroditic half-bat/half-clown sashaying after me linger in my subconscious.


I Make Words That Don't Usually Go Together

Aug. 10th, 2007 | 02:38 am

Ok, well, I have been dealing some intense depression right now, so I need a diversion-Something whimsical.
So, below are some alliterations of words that bring weird images/feelings when put together:

Dandilion Dandruff

Smoldering Sack

Caustic Cork

Fork Fury

Ardvark Assasin

Malodorous Myth

Pucilanimous Pancake

Ferret Fudge

Miserable Marshmallow

Jailed Jello

Celophane Celebrity

Moist Mouse

Digerydoo Divorce

Modem Malpractice

Blasted Blubber

Space Spork

Stinky Savor

Aerobic Airplane

Neglegent Noodles

Filthy Filaments

Dork Drippings

Famous Fastenings

Alleged Alum

Heretical Haircut

Damned Dolt

Opulant Oaf

Glamorous Gophers

Tin Tribesmen

Levitating Liars

That's all for now,

Tears for Yeast Rolls...

Jul. 15th, 2007 | 08:31 pm

Ok, so I love food memories, and was thinking about a
glorious little thing from a restaurant in my home town of Alabama
called the 'Big Fat Yeast Roll'. Actually, it was just called
a yeast roll on the menu, but I digress...
It was a family restaurant called,Quincy's, which to many,
would probably be no big deal. But I used to eat steak and beef like it
was going out of style, and this was mainly a lower cost steakhouse, so
I enjoyed it. Also, once my parents divorced, my Dad would offer to take
me, and that was nice too.

So, there were a few Qunicy's in Mobile, and I grew up being used
to them being there. And one hilarious promotion they had was an animated
yeast roll, promoting Quincy's famously addictive bread. He was so cute,
and did a little song, which I honestly wish I recalled the lyrics to.
But I do remember the chorus he would sing over several other mystery
singers where he said, 'I'm the big, fat, YEAST ROLL!'
While this was being played on tv, my little sister, who was around
3 at the time, had difficulty saying the word 'yeast' with the 'y' sound,
so she would instead say,'It's da bih fat east roll!'
To highten the promotion, they made a wonderful yeast roll stuffed,
plush toy as well, which I received one fine Christmas. But I took him
for granted, like so many other kids, and left him at a friend's house.

Out of memories and longing for my big, fat yeast roll toy, I went
trolling online looking for him. But alas, the only one I discovered was
a wopping 50 bucks, claiming his rarity. Mind you, around 6 years ago, I
looked him up then, and he was about 20-30 dollars cheaper. I knew I
should have gotten him again back then! I just couldn't justify the
purchase of a bread shapped toy.

As for the restaurant, all of them had been closed down in Mobile,
with rumors of bad food handling and food poisoning. This saddened me.
I mean sure, it wasn't an amazing place, but the steak wasn't bad
and I really liked the curious metal topped plates I would get. The famous
yeast rolls would come out in a basket, inshrouded in a dark cloth napkin,
piping hot. We would tear into them, and enjoy them with the equally
healthfully unfit Country Crock brand honey butter. The meal would be
ordered and paid for ahead of time, in a line, where cafeteria style, we
would get our drinks, silverware and trays, and they would bring you
your steak and fries after you were starting to fill up on yeast rolls,
every time.
I never got sick, thankfully. But I miss those silly restaurants,
and I miss my big, fat yeast roll too. :(....

If I Give You Money, Will You....

Jul. 15th, 2007 | 08:30 pm

Sometimes, I have mused over the concept of people giving others
money, for basic needs-like cooking their dinner.
For example, a person is tired, or lazy, and they go to(insert
name of restaurant here) and in so many words say, 'If I give you my
paper money, will you cook my dinner for me?'
This crosses over into other areas too, like dry cleaning/
laundry services and maids.'Will you clean my clothes for me?....
Will you fold my socks for me?...Will you clean my dishes for me,
and clean up my dirty clothes from the floor that I left?'
In the end, it seems very much that, dispite all our money,
conveniences and prestige, that we are really asking, 'Will you be
my Mommy for me?' Sure, people don't really ask in this way, and they
confidentally hand over their money, and maybe are decent enough to
say thankyou, but all in all, they are asking for someone to take care
of them in exchange for money.
I know we are no longer in the barter system, yet somehow, I
find this curiously childlike. But aren't we really so much like big
kids after all? I know I am.

I also sometimes think about all the cars going along the
freeway, and the many people checking into hotels. But I imagine them
as tiny little toddler toys(when I was small, there were little baby
toys called weeble wobbles, though they still probably make em),
looking very winsome and small.
Much like the wonderful children's 'Busytown' books, there is
alot of activity, with people coming and going, and doing little things.
I think of them checking in, the little people toys, and waddling
up the elevator, into their rooms, and sitting with their little
Wendy's plastic hamburger, fries and drink. Maybe they turn on the little
tv and other little plastic people are on, talking about a fancy little
car, or a nice new mop that really makes floors shinier than ever before!
Perhaps later, the little toy man brushes his teeth and gets into
the little bed, and the moon is full outside, with the birds sleeping
soundly in the trees.

Funny how so much goes on everyday around us, people needing
things, and doing things. It's such a busy world to ponder in my little

Website Woes...

Jul. 5th, 2007 | 02:44 am

Ok, so I have been trying to pull together an all new dotcom domain site, and not spend a fortune-or, have to use html or frontpage or ftp.
Here is my attempts at the best stuff, thus far...
I have a pal here on LJ who has a good looking site, only paying 25 a year(I think), which comes with ftp-which is good. But I am super new to using ftp, and web hosting sites that use it as well, and have limited time in which to build my new site.
I did begin, however, to use an older version of frontpage to begin building, and man was it a headache. I continually ran into difficulties moving things into their proper place due to the html restrictions, and wasted alot of time trying to learn. I even read up on the program, which helped some, but I was still dealing with snags here and there, over and over.
Then I found a geocities-style site called,'Homestead', which is super easy to use, but pricy for me. The smallest package which is decently affordable, charges a 20 set up fee, then 5 bucks a month, and 2 bucks a month added to have a domain. I didn't know there was a 2 buck charge for a domain, and with all my art, really need more pages, so I am cancelling Homestead(it was a free 30 day trial) tomorrow.
And then we are back to Geocities again. I have been using them for years now, as freebies, but the ads and lack of domain simply do not work for my needs anymore. For geocities, I can use an easy page builder(which is most important for me, due to time contraints), and spend a 15 dollar set up and 9 a month to keep it. I really didn't want to spend 9 a month on a site, but I suppose you get what you pay for eh?
Essentially, if there are any other affordable websites with no need of html or ftp knowledge like geocities, could anyone pass that info along to me? I would appriciate it!

Hopefully, when I return, the new site will finally be up and running. This will be my 3rd try at a new domain-style site! Whew


Jul. 3rd, 2007 | 02:11 am

Please, tell me when Bea Arthur became punk rock style...please tell me...please....

...Mind you, I am extremely amused, but wacked out of my gourd about this!!!

My First Yucky Ebay Customer....:(

Jun. 25th, 2007 | 08:50 pm

Well, my first yucky one regarding my selling my art anyway. I always go out of my way to make my customers happy, and have been selling for several years now.
They ordered my St. Michael print, and this is what they said to me today:

"This was quite a misleading description. You kept saying 'print' but this is Not a print - it is a plain photocopy (and a poor one at that). You state that ''Each print is handsigned on the back by the artist...'', yet it was blank. Going back to your description, only at the very top where it shows the type of auction did it state that this a photo - but then it states it is an original, not a reproduction. How can a photocopy be an original? This misleading lot deserves a negative feedback and a complaint to ebay."

And my response:Read more...Collapse )