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Can I Borrow A Face? Your Face Maybe?

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Sep. 2nd, 2008 | 01:50 am
mood: curious curious

            Hi All,
                     I am always looking for faces to use in my artwork, as I find it adds something special to my creations.
                     Some of you I have already used inside of my work, but I know there are many more that are out there-friends of my journal, who might still like to be in one of my pieces. So, if you'd like to, please send me 2-4 bust shots of yourself-the more angles of the better(profile, quarter view, front view, face dipped down a bit, looking up, and vice versa, etc).

                Send the jpgs to: natstoremail@gmail.com
            ..and please make your email subject like this:
           "(insert LJ name here) from LJ, with face shot donations"

                     Although a good amount of my images are female, I do still need male faces, of all kinds, so you guys out there, do not feel I am leaving you out at all. Send away! And, if I use your face, I will drop you a line and I will give you permission to use the image online as you wish(your LJ avatar, myspace, facebook, your website, etc).

          Cheers all! And thanks in advance,

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