Hi all! Here's Where to Usually Find Me and My Artwork!

Hi Guys,
Sorry it's been so long. If any of you have followed me around when I posted more often here in other communities, you know that I appeared Missing in Action for a while. But I was still busily creating and making all sorts of works of art, and now, even jewelry.
Below are the links where you can find all the stuff I have been doing since I last posted. I post there nearly weekly now, so feel free to bookmark the page, or save the link:

My Deviant Art Gallery Page

Below are also my three shops on ebay, and etsy. Each one has something different, so feel free to browse them all to see what goodies are on store....

1)My Ebay Store-Natamonworld: With many prints, and often, weekly originals. Lots to choose from-even listings for commissions of varying sizes. :)

2)My Etsy store,'DishyThicket': Is my sort of alter ego, where I explore my silly and surreal side a little. Characters unique to the store, not sold anywhere else but there. Prints and Originals therein. Am listing all new goodies for Spring/Summer 2009!

3) My Etsy Store,'DreamTrappings': My jewelry, accessory-even destash and commissions for jewelry available. Again, items in store are exclusive to DreamTrappings only. Also listing many, many new creations almost daily/weekly here for Spring/Summer 2009!

And, I am always available for your commission ideas. Remember me for hard-to-buy-for friends/relatives, birthdays and holidays. I am available for them all.

So, I hope to see you all there. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Regards, Nat ;)

Future Plans....

Greetings All,
And Happy New Year.:)
It's official. I have already decided, should I get the chance to go out with friends this year and dress up for Halloween, this is what I plan to be. Please, everyone, mark your calendars and expect photos when this occurs.

That is all,
Nat ;)

Halloween 2008 Review!

Ok, so last year, I gave my lineup of some typical 'best' and 'worst' Halloween costumes. But I decided that this year, I would simply veer off into another direction...namely, Spandex,
There are spandex enthusiasts, I might say, which are essentially people who enjoy the fabic. Ok, they enjoy it a lot. If you do not understand what I mean, than perhaps you'd best ask someone about it.
(I hate to stereotype but the site I visited will bring the giggles out of most heterosexuals, such as myself. ^_^ )
Essentially, just as there are people who enjoy the feel of other fabrics(perhaps for more than just running around pretending to be characters on Halloween), such as satin, leather and what have you, there are people who like spandex as well.
Mind you, the website that I had a look at has some really excellent superhero costumes, so I will at least give them that. Their black/silver Spiderman and even Captain America is comic-convention quality, and affordable.
I will even lay aside the questionable poses on most of the shots of the models. Except for the last one on this page. Please explain(click on 'change view' to see all poses)!

Now onto the every popular topic of CANDY....
I have to say that as a child here in America, I felt jipped when I recieved the following:

2)lemon, lime or orange, flat lollipops
3)Tootsie Rolls
4)Generic Tootsie Rolls-blech!
5)Bad Taffy brands
6)Anything made by the brand 'Palmers'
7)Sweet Tarts(sorry, too tart for my tastes as a kid)
8)Anything similar to a 'Circus Peanut'(shudder)
9)Dumdum lollipops if you got a lame flavor, like lemon, orange, etc
10)Miniature Hershey's Dark Chocolate bars(as a kid, they were bitter to me)

I liked many types of candy, but every kid knew that the real loot was the 'bite size' versions of candy bars! Just about any kind that was popular would do nicely.
When I would return home after Trick-or-Treating, I would joyously organize my bounty. One pile for lollipops, one for hard candies, one for taffy and such, on for candy bars and M&M's and one for yuck stuff. :)
But ironically, by the time I had eaten most of my jackolantern-shaped bucket of good and even passable candies, I would choke down the worst at the bottom, because simply put, kids crave sugar. :P

Please, be safe this Oct. 31st, and if you do choose spandex, make sure you don't visit any bars with the words,'rod','steel' or 'flamingo' in the titles. ;)


Can I Borrow A Face? Your Face Maybe?

            Hi All,
                     I am always looking for faces to use in my artwork, as I find it adds something special to my creations.
                     Some of you I have already used inside of my work, but I know there are many more that are out there-friends of my journal, who might still like to be in one of my pieces. So, if you'd like to, please send me 2-4 bust shots of yourself-the more angles of the better(profile, quarter view, front view, face dipped down a bit, looking up, and vice versa, etc).

                Send the jpgs to: natstoremail@gmail.com
            ..and please make your email subject like this:
           "(insert LJ name here) from LJ, with face shot donations"

                     Although a good amount of my images are female, I do still need male faces, of all kinds, so you guys out there, do not feel I am leaving you out at all. Send away! And, if I use your face, I will drop you a line and I will give you permission to use the image online as you wish(your LJ avatar, myspace, facebook, your website, etc).

          Cheers all! And thanks in advance,
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Carving-It's Not Just For Turkey's Anymore!!..Or Is It?...

Hey All,
Thought I'd bring up the ever popular subject in mainstream culture of plastic surgery. Everyone has their own opinions on the matter, and most are fairly positive. Further still, you have those who want nothing to do with it, but change their minds as soon as they see their facial features changing.
Certainly many are tempted, with almost the same convenience of snagging a quick impulse-buy tattoo, when people can receive many nips and tucks with the ease of little recovery time(for some operations and injections).
I can remember more books on the shelves as a child that had an ongoing theme of self assurance and confidence, no matter what people thought of your looks. This is rarely presented, let alone pushed to the youth of this decade. After all, that would not allow people to sell everything from Bratz Dolls to future teen purchases if they made that mistake.
Permissive, casual parents of my age range, as if cast in some Twilight Zone episode written by Rod Serling, offer to buy their daughters larger breasts, rather than a car,'because it was cheaper'. Were these the people I avoided in high school/college because they thought tanning beds didn't cause cancer? The vacuously pampered students who looked with confusion at anyone who dressed differently, or read books of their own volition?
'You are special no matter how you look-it's what is on the inside that counts', is toted more so when someone is promoting their plus sized line of clothing, but rejected when someone wants to carve their outside in the fashion of the opposite gender. Or, why even choose a gender, when we have the complete control to do whatever we want with our bodies, as if they are clay, and nothing more anyway?
Books like,'My Beautiful Mommy', written by a plastic surgeon for Moms who wanted to undergo surgeries explained how great it is that their parents are altering their appearances, due to their low self image and desire to people please.(This book is completely real, go check it out on Amazon.com)
Below are some choice images that I think sum up the new standards of beauty pushed and touted by so many. If I was a child seeing these things, and my parents never explained I ever had a choice to reject it, and this was not normal, I do not know what I would make of altering one's flesh so easily...
The word,"tolerance", is thrown around, almost as irksomely as,'Don't judge', yet here is our modern world, not capable of tolerating themselves, as they are.
Fixing a deformity is one thing, but is it really so bad, growing and living our lives without interfering with our exterior bodies in the name of improving self image? Thing is, a mind is far more important to fix, yet greatly ignored.

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My Earthquake Story-I'm OK....

Hello Everyone,
Just to let everybody who may wonder about me across LJ how I am after the quake, I am ok.
I was asleep at the time,(having stayed up late the previous evening) and was awoken suddenly with an increasing movement and sound around me, in my 2nd story apartment.
Robert, my husband, was at the computer in the living room(Thank God), as I stumbled to the bedroom doorway.
We both faced each other, and the quake/apartment moving/falling objects just got louder and louder. I was full of panic, half asleep-only used to my typical hurricanes back in my hometown in the South. But this was so sudden, I remember my heart was pounding as I was crying loudly and almost screaming over the sound, thinking this was the 'big one' my Mom had concerned herself with, and that I was about to die.
The 15-20 seconds felt like 2 minutes, and after it calmed, I myself had to calm down, crying in my husband's arms, trying to avoid hysterics. It was so intense, and we were so close to where the actual location was where it happened, we felt a serious amount of movement and very loud sound.
The kitchen floor was littered with a half emptied vitamin bottle, broken glass and a broken bowl. Other rooms showed the tops of shelves cleaned off, cds everywhere-open jewelcases on the floor, and many other items we've been cleaning up today. Screws near the ceiling of my bedroom wall pushed through the drywall, which to me shows the apartment was a large source of the heavy, scary sounds.
I was so scared, I don't know if I have ever felt that much terror.

But no one is hurt, I am ok, and am praying I will be ready for any other time in the future. I thank God for my safety, and the safety of all those residing in this city/area. He truly protected me and showed His Infinite Mercy.

Just letting everyone know,
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'Make Me A Work Of Art Contest' Winner Announcement...

                                        And the winner is....
                                                fleching_death  ! Also known as Kindra J. 
                              I will creating this artwork soon, and will share it here on LJ so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks!

                              I want to thank everyone for entering, and your wonderful entry emails. It was really tough, and very close in the end. However, I may be holding a 2nd contest of the same style, later this year,  and will let every know if/when I do. That means, every could have a 2nd chance later on!
                              Thanks so much again, and thanks to all who entered!
                               -Eno(Nat :)

Contest Winner Announced TONIGHT...

Just as a head's up, the winner of the 'Make me a work of art' contest will be announced later this evening, so keep an eye out folks!
Warm thanks to all those who sent in those fabo entries. They were all great, and this was VERY hard to choose!
Stay tuned!
-Nat :)

My Spring,'Be A Work Of Art Contest! You Too Can Enter!!'

Announcing the
2008 Spring,
" Make Me a Work of Art "

Yes, this is my first contest I am offering the public, which anyone, regardless of age, sex or whatever, can join! Here's how it works:
In 200 words or less, in an email, tell me why you'd think you'd make the next great model in my upcoming artwork. Email it to (natstoremail(at)gmail.com), and on March 23rd, I will announce the winner! First prize winner receives his or her likeness in an upcoming art piece of mine, and they also get a free print of the work. :)
It's anyone's guess to what the artwork subject will be, but it will stay in keeping with my work usually seen here for sale every week, and so on.(Animals, fantasy, icons, etc) Once I announce the winner on the 23rd, I email the winner back, and will require a few jpgs of them to work with. The actual artwork will be created within a month from the winner's announcement, and they will receive a print of the work, anytime within that time frame.

Note: Please be sure to put your real life name in the email somewhere!(And how I know you, if at all {example: 'You know me as fudgey on LJ as well', etc}, and gender) Make sure also to have those jpgs ready incase you win. Two shoulder-up shots are all that is needed. Entries required no later than the 21st of March, so get those entries in as soon as you can.
So, the best to you, and look forward to ready your wacky entries!!
-Nat :)


Valentines & Easter, Candiosity!! >O

And yes, it's been forever since I last posted. I wanted to remedy that, so here I am!
I'm here to talk about candy. And, well, also some art stuff, but let's talk candy first...
I was in the local Cali, 99 cents store, and man was there the 'Cheapo-Candy-Mutherlode'.
Outside of their basic giant pixie sticks(gag!), and so many bags of hard, chewy and more sugary that choco candy, there were many a Valentine and Easter candy choice.
As if you couldn't get enough candy during V-day, with choco roses, candy messege hearts, and anything sugary you can cram in a heart-shaped box-but here comes the massive pile of Easter candy, hippiting and hoppiting onto your tastebuds!
It never dawned on me, but the start of the year packs children full of sugar-in so many shapes and forms and flavors. I like sweets, though, not as much as I used to. I can recall when I was a kid, to get sugar, I would settle on some of the yuckiest sweets around.
I remember Easter baskets with Russel Stover brand coconut confection nests, with icing adhered jelly-bean-eggs in the centers. Actually, I didn't like those even then, but somebody has got to someplace. Yarg.
Here's to keeping far away from the scary stuff, and hoping smart kids will do the same.

In other news, been still doing my regular arty stuff, and usual commissions. Most of my work has been mixed media, as I tend to crave results in as little time as possible. Just gotta get my ideas out of my head and onto paper as soon as I can.

Also, did you know that each year for oh, let's say, three years now, a certain someone on LJ has been giving me a single rose on V-day? I still don't know who it is, or if they will show this year, but I suppose this year, we shall see if they strike again!

Oh, and I was thinking of making an online group(maybe here, maybe elsewhere, not sure), for "Cartoon Food Enthusiasts". Personally, seeing little illustrations of adorable tacos and hamburgers on signs and whatnot are so endearing. I wonder if maybe others feel as I do, and secretly enjoy them.(pondering)
Anyhoo, here's to Feb, and Happy Lent!

-Nat :)