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Halloween 2008 Review!

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Oct. 22nd, 2008 | 02:37 am

Ok, so last year, I gave my lineup of some typical 'best' and 'worst' Halloween costumes. But I decided that this year, I would simply veer off into another direction...namely, Spandex,
There are spandex enthusiasts, I might say, which are essentially people who enjoy the fabic. Ok, they enjoy it a lot. If you do not understand what I mean, than perhaps you'd best ask someone about it.
(I hate to stereotype but the site I visited will bring the giggles out of most heterosexuals, such as myself. ^_^ )
Essentially, just as there are people who enjoy the feel of other fabrics(perhaps for more than just running around pretending to be characters on Halloween), such as satin, leather and what have you, there are people who like spandex as well.
Mind you, the website that I had a look at has some really excellent superhero costumes, so I will at least give them that. Their black/silver Spiderman and even Captain America is comic-convention quality, and affordable.
I will even lay aside the questionable poses on most of the shots of the models. Except for the last one on this page. Please explain(click on 'change view' to see all poses)!

Now onto the every popular topic of CANDY....
I have to say that as a child here in America, I felt jipped when I recieved the following:

2)lemon, lime or orange, flat lollipops
3)Tootsie Rolls
4)Generic Tootsie Rolls-blech!
5)Bad Taffy brands
6)Anything made by the brand 'Palmers'
7)Sweet Tarts(sorry, too tart for my tastes as a kid)
8)Anything similar to a 'Circus Peanut'(shudder)
9)Dumdum lollipops if you got a lame flavor, like lemon, orange, etc
10)Miniature Hershey's Dark Chocolate bars(as a kid, they were bitter to me)

I liked many types of candy, but every kid knew that the real loot was the 'bite size' versions of candy bars! Just about any kind that was popular would do nicely.
When I would return home after Trick-or-Treating, I would joyously organize my bounty. One pile for lollipops, one for hard candies, one for taffy and such, on for candy bars and M&M's and one for yuck stuff. :)
But ironically, by the time I had eaten most of my jackolantern-shaped bucket of good and even passable candies, I would choke down the worst at the bottom, because simply put, kids crave sugar. :P

Please, be safe this Oct. 31st, and if you do choose spandex, make sure you don't visit any bars with the words,'rod','steel' or 'flamingo' in the titles. ;)


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Crash TenBillion

From: weaselwoman13
Date: Oct. 22nd, 2008 02:30 pm (UTC)

I loved much of the stuff on your list (lemon and lime lollipops were a PRIZE! And sweet tarts, yum! I must have had a higher tartness tolerance), but here's what was the worst for me --

1) Thundering agreement about Circus Peanuts! YECCHHH! What were they thinking? (I'm guessing you may have seen this article on bad-candy.com, but if not, there it is)
2) Yeah, taffy, like those paper-wrapped orange and black taffies that came in those big shooter-marble sized wads. That's gross!
3) Mounds or Almond Joy (like many others, I couldn't bear coconut back then - love it now)
4) Jaw Breakers (boring!)
5) Little boxes of raisins (I mean come ON, it's nice that you care about our health and all but you're fighting a losing battle here)
6) Little packets of peanut butter crackers (NO. Those are just fine in your sack lunch, but NO. Come on, candy's probably way cheaper anyway!)
7) Bad popcorn balls (there is a right way and a wrong way to make them -- also, I was as paranoid back then as I am now and was always worried I'd bite into a razor blade or something)
8) Necco wafers (Ehhhhh)
9) Cans of diet soda (this only happened a few times, but NO)
10) Because Special Dark was chocolate and was therefore good, I was never too upset about it, but now that you mention it I DO remember that I neglected the Special Dark bars until last because they didn't taste very good to me. I would always eat the Krackel first, and now I HATE Krackel!

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From: eno
Date: Nov. 3rd, 2008 11:07 am (UTC)

I enjoy lemon or lime lollipops now, but then, I was really not so happy about them.
I have not seen the article you provided-thanks for sharing it with me!
As for Number 10, yes-see your reaction to saving the 'special dark hershey's' was the same as mine. Not enough sugar for my kid tastebuds.
I dislike Krackle and Mr. Goodbars too. Infact, both Nestle and Hershey's are considered bottom feeder chocolate to me now, because I used to work as a Godiva chocolatier in one of their shops, so I beez spoileded. :P
Thanks for your response!

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Lieutenant Murnau

From: ltmurnau
Date: Oct. 22nd, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC)

My thoughts:

1)Smarties - OH! At first, I thought you meant the candy-covered chocolate like this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smarties_(Nestl%C3%A9)). These are like M&Ms but taste different - you couldn't get these in the USA! Now I see what you mean, in Canada these candies are called Rockets. I hated them; eating them gave me a headache.
2)lemon, lime or orange, flat lollipops - agree; I don't like lollipops.
3)Tootsie Rolls, 4)Generic Tootsie Rolls-blech!
5)Bad Taffy brands - Taffy is not a major item up here in Canada, though I always liked the "molasses kisses" that came out around Halloween.
6)Anything made by the brand 'Palmers' - don't have this in Canada
7)Sweet Tarts(sorry, too tart for my tastes as a kid) - agree
8)Anything similar to a 'Circus Peanut'(shudder) - what?
9)Dumdum lollipops if you got a lame flavor, like lemon, orange, etc - I don't care for lollipops, period.
10)Miniature Hershey's Dark Chocolate bars(as a kid, they were bitter to me) - now, I like dark chocolate, always have (though the good dark chocolate always makes me sneeze!), so these are good.....

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Yay it's Lt. M!


From: eno
Date: Nov. 3rd, 2008 11:13 am (UTC)

I think I know which ones you meant which you called molasses kisses-they were good to me.
Yes, I almost forgot that there are other smarties outside of America-I think I have seen the product you mean in a few specialty shops here.
You don't have Palmer's candy in Canada, and be thankful!
LOL on the circus peanut reaction. Essentially, they are these peanut shaped, orange-kind of marshmallow-like candies. They smell really creepy, like perhaps I am smelling a sort of malt(like Ovaltine has in it). Very hard to describe in flavor, except it's sugary and malty. That's the best I can do, and I am being charitable!
And, dark Hershey's makes you sneeze?? How come?

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Re: Yay it's Lt. M!

Lieutenant Murnau

From: ltmurnau
Date: Nov. 3rd, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)

[returns salute]

Well, I kind of like malt flavour - every time I go to a diner in the States I look for a malted, as they do not make them up in Canada (at least, no place I've looked). But maybe malt flavours should not come in nut shapes.

Actually, any dark good quality chocolate will make me sneeze - I guess it's as close to an allergic reaction I have to anything.

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